Adam’s Apple Club is one of Thailand’s oldest gay go-go bars and the best known gay bar in Chiang Mai. The club is located on Viangbua Road in Chiang Mai’s Chang Puek district to the north of the city center.


@ Adams Apple Club in Chiang Mai

Adams Apple Club Welcome

Adams Apple Club Welcome

The club boasts an ultra-modern design and is immaculately clean with one of the best sound and lighting systems around. Its discreet entranceway and upstairs location ensure the maximum of privacy. Plush sofas are positioned around the stage to ensure the maximum comfort whilst enjoying a perfect view of the show and a catwalk for the dancers ensures maximum interaction with the audience. Efficient air conditioning and spotless contemporary wash rooms complete the experience.
Adams Apple Club Welcome

Adams Apple Club Welcome

Gorgeous guys are go-go dancing for you from 9 p.m onwards and the show starts at 10.30 until around midnight. As well as erotic dance numbers, where the energetic and handsome sexy boys show off their perfect muscular bodies and glistening skin, there are several lady boy acts with exotic costumes that are unparalleled outside Thailand.


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