Stunning, unique, exciting … just amazing and only @ Adams Appel Club Chiang Mai.

Adams Apple Club LED LIGHT Show

Adams Apple Club LED LIGHT Show

Adam’s Apple has been around in various incarnations for a long, long time and if you want to go out with the girls (or boys) one night to watch under clad young men gyrate and perform some very risqué shows on the stage, then this is the place!

Not for prudes…

Adam’s Apple Gay Club Chiang Mai, the No. 1 Gay Bar in Chiang Mai. Enjoy a relaxing drink in our chic club surrounded by some of Asia’s most good looking young men. As handsome dancers with perfect body’s gyrate to the music, appreciate the splendor of the Asian Male watching the men of your dreams perform in our sensual dance show. Our fully stocked bar offers a selection of delicious cocktails, ice cold beers whiskies, wine and soft drinks. Free popcorn is also available.
Adams Apple Club LED LIGHT Show

Adams Apple Club LED LIGHT Show


Don’t miss the hottest “LED LIGHT SHOW” in town @ Adams Apple Club Chiang Mai.

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