Magha Puja Day 2019

Adam’s Appel Club is closed one night “Magha Puja Day” Tuesday, 19th February 2019!


Makha Bucha Day 2019
Makha Bucha Day 2019

Magha Puja is the second most important Buddhist festival, celebrated on the full moon day of the third lunar month in Thailand. The celebration is held during the third lunar month of the year because Buddha is said to have delivered certain of his teachings at this time.

Buddha ordained these monks and spread the principles of Buddhism. This marked a key event in the development of the religion.

Makha Bucha Day 2019
Makha Bucha Day 2019

45 years later, on the same full moon in the third lunar month, Buddha again delivered his teachings shortly before his death.

This third lunar month on which both events occurred is known in Buddhist Pali language as ‘Makha‘. ‘Bucha‘, means to honor.

In Thailand, people go to Buddhist temples on Magha Puja Day to take part in rites and to “earn merit.” They may also abstain from alcoholic beverages, give food offerings to monks, meditate, and take part in a late-night candle procession.

On Wednesday, 20th February 2019 Adam’s Appel Club in Chiang Mai is open again. We are Happy to see YOU again on Wednesday in our famous Host Bar in Chiang Mai.

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