Next Highlight in MAY 2019

Friday, 17th Hot Chilli Boy Party

Have FUN with us on our Hot Chilli Boy Party @ Adam’s Apple Club Chiang Mai on Friday, 17th May.

Hot Chilli Boy Party Adams Apple Club
Hot Chilli Boy Party Adams Apple Club

The best Party in Chiang Mai definitely at Adam’s Apple Club Chiang Mai, the No. 1 Host Bar. Welcome everyone he like fun and unforgettable moments in his Gay Life.

Come and joy our special SHOW on the Hot Chilli Boy Party.
You will be fascinated when YOU see our amazing Show. In our Host Bar YOU will see definitive the best Show in Chiang Mai.

This experience will be unforgettable and unique for YOU. Please do not miss a visit in Adams Apple Club, when you visit Chiang Mai, the “Rose of the North”. We look forward to YOUR visit.

We are happy to welcome YOU to this May Highlight in our Host Bar on Friday, 17th May @ Adam’s Apple Club Chiang Mai.

Absolutely the best Party in May in Chiang Mai!

Don’t miss our Mega Event in May.

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