Our review of the Year 2019

Here is our annual review of 2019 at Adam’s Apple Club Chiang Mai, the best show bar in town.

It was a wonderful year; we had a lot of nice parties that we will remember fondly.

Our annual review of 2019 at Adam's Apple Club Chiang Mai
Our annual review of 2019 at Adam’s Apple Club Chiang Mai

At this point we would like to thank all of our loyal customers who visited us at Adam’s Apple Club in Chiang Mai. We had a lot of fun together and we have many happy and unforgettable memories.

These were our parties in 2019:

January         Stone Age Boy

February        Chinese New Year 2019 – Year of the Pig + Valentine Day + RED Party

March             CoffeBoy Party + Angel of Love + Happy St. Patrick’s Day

April                Eastern  + Songkran

May                 Hot Chilli Boy

June               Crazy Barbarians + Color Boy

July                 Independence Day US + Minions Invasion

August           Surprise PARTY + Crazy Apple Party + HBD Todd

September     I’m a BOY + Octoberfest

October          Day of German Unity + blind children from Chiang Mai + Halloween

November      L oy Krathong + We are Family VI + Contest Miss Laikram + Love Angels

December      HBD Mama Sun + X-Mas + Countdown 2019

Our annual review of 2019 at Adam’s Apple Club Chiang Mai

Many thanks to our boys who helped make 2019 a successful year. Not to forget our hard-working employees. Our staffs have always contributed to the fact that everyone felt comfortable in the Adam’s Apple Club.

Many thanks to all of you! Together we will go into a new year 2020 and also spend many nice hours together this year. Many new shows will await and surprise you. Every new party presents new shows that we have created.

We look forward to every visitor; everyone is welcome in our famous show bar, with the hottest Asian Boys and the best Ladyboy Cabaret in Chiang Mai.

Thank you all very much! We LOVE you all!

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