Our LOVELY CABARET is definitely the best cabaret in Chiang Mai

We love to entertain YOU!

Adam’s Apple Club is a popular Gay Host Bar Chiang Mai. Our amazing Cabaret presents famous songs – unique and magnificent. Every day a new special Show from our Amazing Cabaret.

Adam’s Apple Club has Go-Go dancers, exotic shows, Drag Queens and unique special Shows nightly at 10:30 pm.

Welcome everyone to Adam Apple Club


The most popular Show Bar in Chiang Mai


It is our pleasure to entertain YOU!


If you want to experience something unique and memorable while visiting Chiang Mai, in the north of Thailand, You have to visit Adams Apple Club in Chiang Mai the No. 1 Gay Host Bar in twon. Here you will find awesome shows, beautiful Ladyboys and a fascinating Cabaret. Not to mention, the many of hot Asian Boys, that you normally only know from your dreams. Adam’s Apple Club makes your dreams come true!

Unbelievable, but true – that only exists once in the world! Adam’s Apple Club in Chiang Mai.

Men entertain Men

You will not believe it, but it is really true. There is one place on earth that is unique and amazing: Adam’s Apple Club in Chiang Mai. Here you will find the best Shows and the hottest Asian Boys.

Our friendly staff welcomes you to our modern and comfortable Host Bar. We look forward to seeing you at Adam’s Apple Club in Chiang Mai.

Adam’s Apple Club is definitely the best Gay Bar and the best Show Club you can find on this earth.

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