NIGHTLIFE 2023 Adams Apple Club Chiang Mai

NIGHTLIFE 2023 Adams Apple Club Chiang Mai

Adam’s Apple Club in Chiang Mai wholeheartedly welcomes all people anywhere in the world

NIGHTLIFE 2023 Adams Apple Club Chiang Mai

World-class entertainment in a cozy and unique nightclub “Adam’s Apple Club” in northern Thailand, in the beautiful city of Chiang Mai, affectionately known as the “Rose of the North”. An absolute must-see when heading north on your Thailand itinerary.

Arguably the most famous Gay Bar in Chiang Mai, Adam’s Apple Club is a unique, friendly and fun-loving venue that attracts a mixed straight and gay clientele.

From my point of view the best place for an unforgettable and unique evening in Chiang Mai. This hip, trendy and popular northern Thailand hangout is one to visit if you’re ever in Chiang Mai and looking for a night out. Enjoy the Nightlife 2023 in the North of Thailand.

So my recommendation for an after dinner night to remember is Adam’s Apple Club, open every night at 9pm and the show starts at 10pm.

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