Location – Adam’s Apple Club

Adam’s Apple Club is located on Viangbua Road in Chiang Mai’s Chang Puek district to the north of the city center, just off Chang Puek Road, opposite the Garden bar at Lotus Hotel and close to Thanin Market.

30.07.2017 Adams Apple Club Map.jpg

Adams Apple Gay Club location

Welcome to Adam’s Apple Club in Chiang Mai – where your fantasies become reality. Enjoy a relaxing drink in our chic club surrounded by some of Asia’s most good looking young men. As handsome dancers with perfect body’s gyrate to the music, appreciate the splendour of the Asian Male watching the men of your dreams perform in our sensual dance show.

30.07.2017 Adams Apple Club Map b.jpg

Location Adams Apple Club Chiang Mai


Raining Men Party 2017

A very erotic and unique „Raining Men Party“, Saturday 17th June 2017, we will surprise you! Welcome everyone how likes hot and sexy boys …
02.06.2017 Raining Men Party Adams Apple Club b.jpg

Raining Men Party Adams Apple Club

Let us surprise you with a unique show, created by our brilliant Mama-san.
02.06.2017 Raining Men Party Adams Apple Club.jpg

Raining Men Party Adams Apple Club

We see YOU @ Adams Apple Gay Club the best known Chiang Mai gay bar and show club