BOY of Your Dreams

BOY of Your Dreams

You will not believe it, but it is really true. There is one place on earth that is unique and amazing: Adam’s Apple Club in Chiang Mai. Here you will find the best Shows and the hottest Asian Boys.

BOY of Your Dreams Adams Apple Club
BOY of Your Dreams Adams Apple Club

Unbelievable, but true that only exists once in the world! Adam’s Apple Host Club in Chiang Mai. Men entertain Men.

Here in Chiang Mai you can find the friendliest Gay Bar “Adams Apple Club”. Cute, handsome, friendly Asian Boys and an amazing Cabaret welcome you in this chic and modern Gay Club.

BOY of Your Dreams Adams Apple Club
BOY of Your Dreams Adams Apple Club

One of the longest established gay Go-Go Clubs in Thailand, the famous Adam’s Apple Club is the best known Chiang Mai Host Bar and has for many years set the standard for male entertainment venues. Recently refurbished, Adam’s Apple is a smart modern gay Bar with sumptuous seating, a hi-tech sound system, fantastic light show and many beautiful Asian guys.

We welcome YOU to Adam’s Apple Gay Club in Chiang Mai – where your fantasies become reality. Enjoy a relaxing drink in our chic Host Bar surrounded by some of Asia’s most good looking young men.

BOY of Your Dreams Adams Apple Club

Adam’s Apple Host Club is definitely the best Host Bar and the best Show Club you can find on this earth.

See you at the No. 1 Host Bar in Chiang Mai in Adams Appel Club.

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